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Hang Tags

Hang Tags


Hang tags are effective for not only apparel businesses, but for any kind of product that you are selling.
Sizes: 2x2, 2x2.25, 2x2.5, 2x2.7, 2x3, 2x3.5, 2x3.75, 2x4, 2x4.25, 2x4.5, 2x4.75, 2x5, 2x5.25, 2x5.5, 2x5.75, 2x6, 2x6.25, 2x6.5, 2x6.75, 2x7, 2x7.25, 2x7.5, 2x8, 4x3.25 Die-Score to 2x3.25 and 4x4 Die-Score to 2x4.